Samantha Culp

BKK Notes 02: Creepiness

One of the first days of my trip, my friend Connelly sent me a link to a Bangkok Post story about how the “head of a foreigner” had been found dangling from the Rama VIII bridge. Out of this gruesome tragedy, the line that struck me as somehow blackly funny was: “Investigators do not believe he took his own life.”


I later realized that on a trip in 2007, I had hung out for an entire afternoon under this same bridge while some friends were filming. It was lovely – fried fish from the barbecue stand, little dogs and teen skateboarders zigzagging past each other, and at 6pm sharp, the requisite group aerobics. But at the time, the tranquility freaked me out slightly because it reminded me of the riverbank scene from Bong Joon-Ho’s “The Host” (“Gwoemul”), right before the monster surges out of the water. Now, unfortunately, Rama VIII is temporarily tinted with a more genuine creepiness.