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Patrick Tsai “Hot Water” exhibition, closing Oct 2

Photographer Patrick Tsai has an exhibition of his typically striking work at Cultivate Gallery in Tokyo – unfortunately it’s closing on October 2, but the finissage party will feature a performance by Moon Mama, the solo project of Afrirampo‘s Pikachu. (Wish I could hop a plane to Narita just for that!)

HUH. Magazine recently interviewed Patrick about the show and his shooting process:

Q: You very rarely shoot landscapes without people and people are almost always the central focal point of your images. What is it about people you want to store on film?
A: People are more interesting than trees or buildings. I always thought that. Basically, I think travel photography tends to be boring. That’s why in the My Little Dead Dick series we didn’t really take photos of the exotic people around us when we traveled to Tibet and Nepal, but focused more on ourselves in these places, I think that’s what made those photos a little different. For “Hot Water”, I decided to try boring.

Read the full interview here, and more from interviewer Cameron Allan McKean here

More on the closing event here for folks in Tokyo…

Cultivate Hot Water Closing Party

Hot Water by Patrick Tsai : Closing Live Event!
Pikachu, the drummer of former Japanese band “Afrirampo”, will play an acoustic live at Cultivate gallery under her solo name “Moon Mama”. We hope that her intimate, raw performance accompanied with Patrick’s bright photos will leave you happily shaken. Enjoy!

10/02 (Saturday)
Doors Open 5:30/ Start 6:00
Ticket 800 yen (Reservation or Door)
Maximum Capacity: 25 people

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