Samantha Culp

Under Permanent Construction

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Like the Chinese urban landscape outside my window, my online presence seems to be under permanent construction. For the moment, here is some stuff:

Recent bio is here

New Territories Studio is the umbrella for my current and ongoing projects, click here for more info, and here to subscribe to the newsletter

For random field notes from the URL wilderness, my Twitter, Tumblr, and Weibo.

For the corporate-friendly version of myself, my LinkedIn.


POV by P.I.G. –
A new blog and online platform about moving images & digital creativity in/around China that I am launching in collaboration with a small media production studio in Shanghai, check it out here

Impakt Festival 2012 “No More Westerns” –
A media arts festival that I recently co-curated in Utrecht, Netherlands, info here – and to see our ongoing web platform exploring the topic, click here

Tulou Open House 2012 –
The inaugural site-specific residency and creative conference I co-curated this June in a traditional earthen house in Fujian province, info here

“Paper Instinct” –
A project exploring indie publishing & artists’ books in China which kicked off at Beijing Design Week 2012, as a collaboration between Beijing design studio JOYNVISCOM, New Territories Studio, Bananafish Books and others, more info here

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