Samantha Culp

Wisut Ponnimit on drawing manga in Japan

Thai comic/animation artist Wisut Ponnimit has become known for his love of Japan as much as his charming, deceptively simple drawing style. After gaining recognition for his surreal “hesheit” series begun in 1998, heavily influenced by 1970s manga, he eventually moved to Kobe to get closer to the source of his inspiration. It’s no surprise he was prominently featured in the 2008 Bangkok exhibition “Tomyam Pladib” (my Artforum review here), titled after an imaginary fusion of spicy soup and sushi, which showcased the intersection of Thai and Japanese creativity.

His recent solo exhibition “Time Lap Exhibition of Blanco” just closed in Shibuya, but Japan’s Hitspaper blog interviews him about the show and his current work here (Japanese-only). While wishing there was an English translation (as the blog did for their interview with John Woo here), it’s a quick introduction to his style, his thoughts on Thai creativity (with a mention for Uncle Boonmee), and he even recommends one of our favorite Bangkok bars, Shades of Retro.

Learn more about Wisut’s work on his website, follow his Twitter, check out his series of animated “short stories” for Audiotechnica here and see two of his great cartoons below – “Love Elevator” and “Tribute to Haruomi Hosono” (the great musician and founder of YMO)