Samantha Culp

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival / 中秋节快乐!


Flying Bird from Samantha Culp on Vimeo.

Great Strides in Sino-Islamic Cultural Exchange


Lunar Neue Jahr in Berlin


The start of the Year of the Tiger was icy but beautiful in Berlin… Full set here.

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Free Lighters

IMG_5292.JPG IMG_5290.JPG IMG_5291.JPG
At Shanghai’s Hongqiao airport, there are now baskets of free lighters to greet arrivals passengers who undoubtedly had their lighters confiscated before their flight. I had a hard time choosing, but finally settled on a hot pink clear one inscribed with the legend, “punchtobacco”.


(Daido Moriyama, “How to Create a Beautiful Picture 6: Tights in Shimotakaido“, 1987)

Before I headed to Tokyo, I did a Google search for “Shimotakaido,” the neighborhood where my friend Patrick Tsai lives and where he was graciously allowing me to crash. One of the first results was this awesome 1987 photo-series by renowned Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama – fitting, as Patrick is also a photographer and a big Moriyama fan.


Escape from Beijing

[Tokyo, Japan]


Since Beijing was preoccupied with military parade mania over the October holiday, it seemed like a good time to escape to Tokyo.

Full set here.
Bonus: learn Chinese from an animated panda on Japanese television.

IMG_4795.JPG IMG_4797.JPG IMG_4803.JPG IMG_4809.JPG IMG_4819.JPG IMG_4845.JPG IMG_4848.JPG IMG_4854.JPG IMG_4862.JPG IMG_4869.JPG IMG_4884.JPG IMG_4886.JPG IMG_4890.JPG IMG_4893.JPG IMG_4895.JPG IMG_4901.JPG IMG_4915.JPG IMG_4917.JPG IMG_4955.JPG IMG_4981.JPG IMG_5012.JPG IMG_5016.JPG IMG_5023.JPG IMG_5025.JPG IMG_5035.JPG IMG_5036.JPG IMG_0223.JPG

midnight at 10am


Where was I during the longest and most complete solar eclipse of my lifetime? On the Bund, in a rainstorm. If we didn’t see the sun, at least we saw the darkness.




Taken from the window of a passing taxi a few weeks ago. Near impossible to believe, but somehow I had never passed it since moving to Beijing last summer (there was the requisite tourist visit years ago, of course). I kept expecting it to happen on some gloriously mundane day, and by the time it did, I had almost forgotten. But suddenly one evening, I looked up and was struck by a sight so familiar, so unreal, that I knew what it was before I knew.

It still seems stuck inside my mother’s little pink TV on the kitchen counter that summer. Like all things from the past, tiny and infinite at once.

The Races

(Hong Kong)

Wandered around ART HK 09 (lamely attempting to play paparazzi for Scene & Herd), saw friends, drank on rooftops, went to the track… the usual.


Full set here.

IMG_0049.JPG IMG_3705.JPG IMG_3729.JPG IMG_3779.JPG IMG_3781.JPG IMG_3809.JPG IMG_0066.JPG IMG_0075.JPG IMG_3838.JPG IMG_3841.JPG IMG_0081.JPG IMG_3849.JPG IMG_3854.JPG

Relational Picnic

Spring picnic in Chaoyang Park with friends (including visiting HK artist Lee Kit, who graciously supplied one of his beautiful cloths for us to feast upon).

Just in case you weren’t aware, it is not possible to enter Chaoyang Park at West Gate 1 and walk north to West Gate 3 within the park. Well, it is possible, but only if you are willing to scale chain-link fences and sneak through restricted horse stables and climb over the padlocked metal gates at either end of a decommissioned bridge…


Life is a Struggle


Words of wisdom from the Carrefour check-out girl. With my abysmal Chinese, I was unable to ascertain whether she had written the slogan on her register herself, or it was someone else’s graffiti… pretty great regardless.

Back to Bass-ics


Words of Caution for All Us Dilettantes


“No Dabbling.”

[Sign on decorative waterfall/pond, PVG Airport, Shanghai]

Bronchial Pneumonia Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be


“See all this cotton-woolly stuff? That’s the pneumonia,” said the doctor. When I asked her if I could take a picture of my x-ray, she seemed nonplussed and just said, “Sure… do you have a blog or something?”

Happy Niu Year (牛年)


Lunar New Year in Beijing.

At first it sounded (especially to the Californians) like random drive-by shootings…


Happy New Year 2008


Happy New Year 2007


Happy New Year 2006