Samantha Culp

Electro-classical Fantasy Concerts by Hyejung Bae

A lovely series of posters by designer Hyejung Bae (Korean-born, Los Angeles-based) – they advertise imaginary concerts of electronic musicians playing classical composers, such as Kraftwerk/Mozart, YMO/Beethoven, and Pet Shop Boys/Haydn.

“hyejungbae says:

the concert is my imagination,
not happened

thank you”

See her more of her work here (via Dangerous Minds)

Suitman Cycles through Beijing

The ubiquitous Suitman aka Young Kim has apparently been bicycling around Beijing and Shanghai on Diesel‘s dime. I’ve never quite understood the Suitman concept (especially as it borrows so heavily from Tseng Kwong Chi, has this ever been acknowledged?), but at this point he is a meme unto himself. The hardest-working brand ambassador in show business?

A funnier video here where the Diesel trunk turns into a sort of pop-up hawker-stand/DJ-booth/shell game, attracting the attention of the police.

More videos here, and on Suitman’s Think Silly blog
(via our friends at Theme Magazine)

Happy New Year 2006