Samantha Culp

Apidistrafly – New Music Video From Singapore Dronesters

Though the band Apidistrafly hails from Singapore, there’s no clue of their tropical island homeland in their latest music video, “Landscape with a Fairy.” Instead, the track off their upcoming release seems deeply influenced by their time spent in Japan – evoking the type of melancholy afternoon best spent in a Shimokitazawa cafe on the last day of autumn. For the new album, April Lee and Ricks Ang (the principals of Apidistrafly and also founders of the Kitchen Label) continue their longstanding collaboration with Japanese musicians/sound artists, in this instance featuring guests like Kyo Ichinose, Seigen Tokuzawa, haruka nakamura, and others, to create their trademark sound: a “flickeringly filmic mixture of ambient folk with gossamer-like vocal harmonies, guitar-based drone and environmental recordings wrapped in a delicate lo-fi haziness.”

The record/art-book looks like a beautiful object, featuring photographs and collages that explore imaginary landscapes such as “a secluded hilltop cottage, a forest hued in the splendor of autumn and distant, rocky shores.” I think we’ll see more Asia-based musicians creating unique physical manifestations of their albums, to supplement the disposability of download culture, and hopefully better sustain their creators. Some drones are too delicate for mere download.

Purchase/read more about the album here